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We will make sure that:

  • The service you get is better and of higher quality and has insurance for the object or personnel executing the procedure.
  • The people who execute the procedures and previously approved and accredited according to their qualification.
  • Each procedure is previously approved as the best and most suitable for each client.
  • There is a correct membership categorization of qualified and non-qualified personnel in educational centers, courses, schools, SPA centers, hotels and beauty parlors.
  • We support the free qualification and prequalification and the respective membership and insurance (risk value).
  • We develop and expand the international office network and support a maximum of SPA personnel and tourists.
  • We develop the connections between the separate executive cores, SPA objects and client networks with web-based information networks, brochures, seminars etc.
  • There is a correct correspondence between categorization, accreditation, insurance and membership of the organizations, members and clients.
  • We organize free seminars, symposia and strainings aiming to support the engagement in SPA objects.
  • We organize free seminars and education modules for management of objects working with SPA instruments.
  • There are free consultations and minimal payment for making projects for the foundation of objects which would like to work with SPA instruments.
  • The ethic code of our organization is completely and thoroughly regulated and there are sanctions for insurance and other membership privileges.
  • We execute and unite various syndical other activites and organizations related to SPA instruments aiming for a better protection of objects and personnel.
  • There is a correct selection and uniting of SPA specialists in the lines of ISPAM.
  • We consider the membership and existing normative, insurance and other SPA instruments for the country and abroad.
  • Everything is in favour of our clients regardless of their previous qualifications.
  • We create different cores for control of SPA procedures and stimulation of professional insurance innovations.
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