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Major membership

This membership refers to spa & WELLNES The objects, using the water merchandises, and its properties to the mineralization and and the temperature component,- the hotels as well They He slept- the centers, balneologies, profis, Resort bases, deck - houses, paper for beauty with therapies of a body, a face, hair, hooks /hairdressing, cosmetics, manicure, pedicure, nail plastic/, massage Offices, halls for fitness, aerobics, healing exercising, aerobic and anaerobic exercises to a lesser extent under a music accompaniment as well With Without water medium as well, електро - Physiotherapeutic And Hydropathic halls and rooms, swimming pools and etc.


As chock high form of membership satisfactory the conditions are:

1.Managment  to be the object with act for a possession or with a contract for rental for more in 2 for /two/ years.

2.The entity to have license of activity or the paid patent with needed sanitary  requested to the due country.

3.To have registered contractual interrelations for the entity it /to chafe/ with 3 or the entities had represented patents on reservation and and registered health driver ' s licence anymore.

Benefits :

1.Included promotion streamer-up to 1025 мв in web page of ISPAM.

2.You /five/ announced to be free works, benefits and blessings of the entity 500 words of a rubric-catalog to web page of ISPAM

4.Gratis the education and and the certificate for one human with missing qualification degree.

5.Gratis Done classification and help For Documentary Accredit For procedure on issue the works inclusive for the beachy strip or the extra-entity

6 The complimentary access to the web space to the site /user name and password/ for the off works to those who search work SPA-workers as well

7.The help for concluding the contracts in indenturing the work of the law other type of protection.

8. Benefits from a complimentary catalog Zonk The merchandises of international ISPAM.

9.The benefits of the pack of admitted representation of the entity to another catalog-pages as well.

10.Policy, covering incident up, The insurance value determines by the employer in help as well with a adept opinion of ISPAM. The id to the membership.

- The yearlong membership is collectible to contributions from six parts on sum of 1680 levs or  in full size 1300 levs.

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 Aplication for membership

 If You want to request for memberships fill this form and we will contact with You. Please, be in good faith about the information for Your work experience. The confidental of Ypur personal data is guarantee.

Strech a friendly nahd- find a partner in every SPA !

Application for membership

If You want to request for membership fill this form and we will contact with you. Please be in good faith about the information for your work experience. The confidental of your personal data is guarantee.

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