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Saying is convoyed with viewing the needed and callable from board of directors and mb documents for membership in the drive. The indicated in the lead-membership go to be related to the insurance worth as well to the candidate, as well as with its age and attempt as well. The memberships observe Sleep Occupations As kinezitherapeuist, rehabilitations, massage therapeuist, cosmetic, hairdresser, manicurist,choropodist,aerobic and anaaerobic instructors, individual and general body-work /fitness,aerobic,remedial gym,sport and therapeutic dances/, SPA, art and decorative make-up and all professions for physiotherapy and aqua work. Memberships are observed by: SPA-balneotherapy sanatorium, SPA hotels, studios, beauty salons, sport-recovering centres, gyms, dance and therapeuitic halls, all places for electro and aqua treatment and individual or general body-work.

The categorization is settled in the kinds of membership ISPAT  to base:

- overall hours of education at broadcasts had fallen by ministry of health to the given country.

- General The much got hours in country start giving The proficiencies, the practices and the touches for the physiologic and bodily plus impact..

 -For overall extra certified hours for supernumeraries, the brand - newness-more separate platforms for physiologic and bodily plus impact.

-Having the patent, showing the education, did not more little sleep from 360 instructional times on the different- the professions and the legalization to the document to the corresponding state institutions.

- His possession of the certificate reasoning not less slept from 160 instructional times on the different- professions and his legalization for the corresponding state institutions.

-He certifies to a document Not less than 60 instructional hours of acquisition to techniques and and practices / The touches for the individual individual therapy or the technology.

-The labor ward as the extra to the certificate and and the patents prove documents. - ISPAT assumes 100 hours of practice as the 10 hours of education started allowing The technologies, the touches and the practices.

-The individual technologies show different tongued documents, The techniques and and the practices connect With It had showed the practice-shock.

- Swear by the candidate Wellness sphere of act slept for membership for non-documentary hours of education and practitioner .

The declared non-documentary study more separate Wellness slept The occupations.

Request for membership

If you want to announce membership complete the form and we will reach you. Be please honor of data of your professional experience /description of the filled position/. Confidential of your personal data is being guaranteed!

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Application for membership

If You want to request for membership fill this form and we will contact with you. Please be in good faith about the information for your work experience. The confidental of your personal data is guarantee.

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