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46 SPA workers and institutions are members in good standing.

Every worker or institution that is connected in some way with SPA healing, prophylaxis, and beauty can be given membership by ISPAT. We are expecting you! 

Any memeber in good standing use privileges and discounts for printed and electronic media of the association. You can use 50 % discount from the regular price for banner. Another privilege is oneyear free subscription to printed magazine "SPA& TOURISM", also to 500 copies from the magazine. You can use free the rubric "Cataloque" from the electronic magazine and PR to 6 times annually. Searching and supplying of SPA products and workers allways is in need for quantity and quality. ISPAM offer to any member in good standing over 3800 people filing case as therapeutics, also accessto firms for quality products and SPA- equipment. The Association will do free or with discount consultation for opening and recovering of SPA, studios etc. Member in good standing can consult or recommend for acreditation balneo and SPA-staff and institutions. Any member in good standing can find from us defence and stretch a friendly hand in every SPA! We can assistance for you to statement and administrative institutions. Any member has certificate for membership, card with identification code for access to web-pages for searching staff and list  " Ethic code".

- Annual value of membership is according to requirments of International health found for helping SPA-destinations for treatment and prophylaxis. The price is 

We are expecting You! Join to our family!

Strech a friendly hand- find a partner in every SPA!

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