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The foundation of the international association of SPA workers and manual therapists took place in 1995 in Connecticut, USA. It was first founded as a school for wellness procedures, work therapies, and child illness rehabilitation. Later, the Chairman, Dr. Wallace F. Green (manual therapist, specialist in child illnesses, orthopedist - traumatologist) expands the activity network and introduces prophylaxis of conditions and illnesses through SPA and Wellness throughout the world. In cooperation with “Mobility International – Oregon” he provides SPA tourism and destinations for children with movement difficulties. Bulgaria turns out to be a good destination providing the right forms of healing, prophylaxis, and recovery in contemporary SPA tourism. In March 2004, together with his partner Dr. Lee Djun Nao Li (specialist in child illnesses and illnesses which are difficult to cure), Dr. Wallace discovers and expands the “direction” of the present association. He combines natural factors with kinesitherapy and gives a new meaning to the SPA tourism. Nowadays, the association develops additional module forms of education, healing seminars, prophylaxis and keeping our organisms young and active. It stimulates various tour agencies in the correct advertisement of SPA – attractions and destinations. At present, SPA tourism undergoes particular changes and is primarily centered around different attraction on land with a more serious attitude towards “stress prophylaxis”, rather that around luxurious SPA cruises.

In Bulgaria, the association is founded under the chairmanship of:

Yassen Rizov (responsible SPA consultant for prophylaxis centers and hotels, healing resorts and balneology, kinesitherapy and rehabilitation, member in good standing of IMA Group, ISPAM, and ABMP), Tsvetan Radev (sport rehabilitation and traumatology, member in good standing of IMA Group), Valentin Vladimirov (sport and medical kinesitherapy and traumatology, member in good standing of IMA Group),Iordanka Peneva ( teacher, remedial kineziology and labor therapy, member in good standing of  IMA Group),Dobrin Bidzhev (partner in medical and balneology publications, associate and main editor of “SPA and Tourism”), as well as seven other professional SPA workers and therapists who hold on to the correct ethics and morals of SPA balneology and resorts. Membership is also given to different SPA workers from the structures of the national Bulgarian sport, as well as pedagogues and teams from national and international medical centers and institutions.  

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