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The International Ethic Code obliges:

Attitude towards the client:

  • I will try to work in favour of my clients at any time during my work hours and outside them when this is possible.
  • I will provide the highest possible quality of my service.
  • I will keep a clean and honest communication with my clients and will keep the information confidential.
  • I will realize thelimits of my skills. When necessary, I will recommend to the client a more suitable and qualified health specialist.
  • I will my no means incite or tolerate any sexual stimulus during and outside the SPA procedures with the client.
  • I will work professionally and with honour and responsibility without abusing the procedure's performance and without exaggerating its value and medical features.


  • I will keep the highest standards of professionalism and will aim for the best and most ethical continuation of the separate procedures and services.
  • I will respect the rights of every ethical practicing doctor and will cooperate with all health specialists and state organizations related to my profession.
  • I will completely voluntarily avoid the use of drugs, alcohol and products damaging the psycho-physical condition of my organism no matter if I am at work or not.
  • I will go to work properly dressed according to the requirements of the respective SPA business of professional practice.
  • I will not join or let myself be hires in a business which tolerates any sexual stimulus and intentions or uses advertisements with hidden sexual subtexts.

Spheres of practice/suitable techniques

  • I will provide services only within the competence of ISPAM - the definition of health from the water, the related water healing, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, manual therapy and massage, aerobic and anaerobic exercises, bodywork, somatic therapies, skin, face, hair and nail care. I will not perform procedures outside the upper specification, as well as training which has not been explained well to me.
  • I will honestly provide my training, qualification and experience documents.
  • I will realize the meaning of SPA, the services I offer and the right dosage and hygiene of their performance.
  • I will not exercise adjusting of the bone structure, diagnosticating, prescribing of medical products for treatment, or any other procedures of services which require documents I do not have. All documents that I have meet the Ministry of Healthcare's requirements for the number of studying hours.
  • I will keep myself informed about all technological innovations concerning my profession and I will study their effects in terms of physiology, mentality, aroma etc.
  • I will inform ISPAT about every discrepancy in the dosage and timing of my procedures intended to have a permanent healing effect, as well as about those procedures which do not correspond to the indication and contra-indication of their performance.
  • I will observe the contra-indications of procedures wanted by the client and will refuse to perform them delicately and with proper moral and ethic consciouness. I will require information from the client's previous therapist and will guide the client in accordance.

Image/advertising requirements:

  • I will aim to build my own professional positive image.
  • I will actively participate in the trainings and seminars organized by the Association.
  • I will rightly use the training and introduction of social groups to the benefits of SPA and Wellness therapies. 
  • I will participate in the rightly advertising of the SPA product.
  • I will offer and advertise ethically without exaggerating my serives.
  • I will exercise and advertise only those techniques, methods and practices for which I have a certificate or diploma of adequate training (approved my ISPAT).
  • I will not give false information regarding the potential physiological benefits of the given techniques, practices and methods.
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