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International SPA massage & Tourism Association -"ISPAM Tourism" or "ISPA TOURISM" is an international non-governmental organization (association) which, through payed annual membership, provides trainings and education and gives a qualification degree. This degrees are accredited internationally. The association also makes professional insurances of SPA objects and SPA personnel. It unites and popularizes SPA and Wellness destinations. With its electronic and press publications, it advertises, regulates and guides people through SPA balneology and resorts, SPA tourism, tourism for people of unequal conditions, and other groups of people who need preventive maintenance, medicative tourism or beautification. Apart from introducing international destinations for SPA tourism, ISPAM also encourages and supports various tourist agencies and institutions which represent the international SPA ethic code.

ISPAT-BULGARIA is a constant partner of the international office. As an official agent and factor, we will keep on holding to the international SPA ethic rules. We will observe the development of the SPA tourism in Bulgaria and the Balkans and will be constantly by your side, together with our bodywork and SPA therapists, hotels, SPA and Wellness studios and cabinets, our sport and rehabilitation centers, tourist bureaus and agencies.

For all of you who need the right direction of the true balneology and SPA resorts.

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